Sunday, July 10, 2011

playing with paint

This evening I just played with paint--no brushes allowed--just palette knives, kleenex, paper towels, fingers, anything but a brush. It was interesting to push the paint around with no expectations. I've gone back and tinkered with it some more since I took this picture, but I'll just post this for now.


  1. I am in awe of your last painting. It is beautiful. It touches my heart because of the illusion to detail it presents. The crispness of the water, the organic debris around the banks, the clear sky, the wisps of the grasses and the leaves on the trees. All this done by breaking, the so-to-speak, rules of tradition of painting with brush strokes. I have always maintained that a visual artist will find a way to create even when all the conventional tools for doing so are unavailable.

  2. SO awesome! Love the detail!