Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rocky Riverbank

Painted at Michael McClure's workshop today
10x8 oil on panel, SOLD


  1. Lovely! I love that your water appears silky and your rocks appear textured. Some mighty fine work Ms. Kathryn. Did you guys take a walk to paint outside or is this near his place?

  2. Thanks, Lisa. No, we painted from a photo that was upside down. This really pushed us to paint the shapes as abstract shapes and to draw correctly. It was challenging and fun. I believe the photo was taken near Ava, Missouri.

  3. Aha, yes indeed, a very good exercise.

  4. I remember when I took Audrey's art class, she encouraged us to draw upside down! I always felt that was easier for me, with regard to people, because I always have a hard time with the features. drawing upside down helped me see them as shapes, instead of recognizable facial features.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it, btw!