Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Postcards from France: View from the Terrace

View from the Terrace

This was painted in the evening from our terrace at Bonne Terre, looking past the roses at the edge of the terrace, over the tile roof of  M. Lamy's home,  toward Lacoste.  The sun was low in the sky and the light on the side of the clock tower in Lacoste was beautiful. Again, I was painting in acrylic and, again, the paint was just about drying on my brush. I was getting much faster with the painting as a result. lol   The next time we were in Apt I picked up some medium that slowed the drying time of my paint and mixed medium and paint in the tiny jam jars that I saved from breakfast. Parfait! That worked like a charm.


  1. I like this one, too! The colors you used seem really....French. :)

  2. Yes, the light there makes the colors so uniquely "French". I haven't painted since we've been back. I miss that light and the colors so much that it is hard to be inspired right now! :)

  3. These photos appear far too green on my new computer.